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UHMW Polyethylene Sheet

UHMW polyethylene is a subset of thermoplastic ,it has high abrasion and wear resistance ,the molecular mass usually between 3 million and 9 million .At present ,we have two ways to make UHMW polyethylene sheet .For the model with molecular mass less than 6 million ,it can be made by extrusion ,but for the high molecular mass model such as 9 million ,it only can be made by compression moulding method .In Tangyin Dingyuan company ,all models of UHMW polyethylene sheets are made with the last method .

Another advantage of UHMW polyethylene sheet is the low cost ,if comparison with PTFE or PI ,its cost is very low than both of them .UHMW polyethylene resin is a coproduct from petrol industry ,the output is not as low as other engineering plastics ,so the providing will be not a problem .Although the manufacturing of UHMW polyethylene sheet is not complicated ,but the working process needs long time ,advanced equipment and making technology .

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