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UHMW PE Resin Excellent Chemical Resistance

UHMW PE resin has excellent chemical resistance ,most of acid and alkali can’t corrode it in any condition ,only very high concentrated nitric acid can produce chemical reaction with it ,all inorgatic salt or organic salt also can’t make chemical reaction with it .UHMW PE resin has nearly no water absorption ,even immersion under water for decades of years ,it won’t absorb any drop of water ,so it’s impossible to have any chemical reaction with water ,even the water is mordant .

Because UHMW PE resin or various UHMW PE products has outstanding chemical resistance ,it can be applied for many domain ,for example making chemical reagent container .Except of high concentrated nitric acid ,it can contain any other chemical reagent ,it’s an ideal chemical reagent container material .The water absorption rate reach zero which means it can protect the concentration rate and won’t affect the percentage of water .It has also certain thermal isolation ability ,so even in very cold condition ,the chemical reagent in container won’t freeze ,the container’s material can still keep its excellent property in such cold condition .

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