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UHMW PE Plastic Fender

UHMW PE fender is one of our company’s new products ,it was listed as national major product .The old fashioned marine fender is made by common plastic or modified plastic ,in one word ,it’s not the UHMW plastic .The UHMW PE fender has not only the most impact resistant ability ,but also UV resistance .

UHMW PE fenders were currently placed along the dock ,aim to avoid the shock by beached ships .These UHMW plastic fenders immersed under water ,whole all the year it endure the strong sunlight ,especially the ultraviolet .The strong ultraviolet has destructive effect to plastic products ,for example ,the polypropylene can be harden by sunlight in a short time ,then it become fragile and can’t be used any more .UHMW PE fender’s application will thoroughly solve the problem above .

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