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UHMW PE Material’s Properties Introduction

UHMW PE as a new type scientific engineering plastic ,it has many amazing properties .So much excellent properties that we can’t introduce one by one ,here we take some representative properties to explain in order that readers can realize simply some of its properties :

1.Wear resistance :UHMW PE material has the most wear resistance among all plastics .

2.Impact resistance :UHMW PE material is also one of the most impact resistant plastics .

3.Cold resistance :Even in ultra cold temperature condition ,the property of UHMW PE material won’t be affected .

4.Low friction :The friction coefficient of UHMW PE material is the lowest ,it means the most smooth plastic .

5.Automatic lubrication :UHMW PE material has the exclusive automatic lubrication ability ,to make synthetic ice rink or bowling alley ,it’s the most suitable choice .

6.Chemical resistance :Except of high concentration nitric acid ,it won’t be corroded .

7.UV resistance :UHMW PE material has certain UV resistance .

8.No water absorption :UHMW PE material is the unique plastic which has no water absorption .

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