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Our UHMW sheets include all various size ,the width up to 10M .Except of some sheets used for machined irregular parts ,majority of them will be cut into UHMW pads with different size .UHMW pad has wide application ,for example ,the black UHMW pad can be drilled and curved with demanded shape then these UHMW pads will constitute liner for hopper or silo .Another usage of UHMW pads is crane outrigger pads ,these pads will be cut with regular size ,the double surface of UHMW pad will have special rough surface which can avoid the outrigger from moving .

White UHMW pad can be processed to synthetic ice rink’s panel ,one surface will be processed by CNC milling machine .Because it has very low friction ,the surface is slippery like real ice surface ,it also has automatic lubrication ability ,since long time, it’s always the unique material for synthetic ice rink .

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