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UHMW Filter System For Filter Press Machine

In filter press domain ,the majority of filter system is in engineering plastic material .After long time tests ,it’s proved that UHMW filter system is the most suitable one .Here are main advantage of it :

1.      Chemical resistance: The chemical resistance of UHMW filter is good ,it can’t be corroded by strong acid or alkali .Whether the liquid to separate is acidic or alkalic ,it can’t corrode UHMW filter .

2.      Non water absorption: Other plastic filter has a certain water absorption rate ,especially nylon ,after a period of immersion in water ,it will aborb water and expand ,that must affect the filter press machine .In worse condition ,the nylon filter will be bent by expanding force ,the worst condition is the filter won’t be used any more .But UHMW filter can always keep the original shape even after a very long time immersion in water .

3.      Low friction rate: If comparison with other engineering plastic ,we can find the friction rate of UHMW product is the lowest .The filter system need very low friction material to avoid adhering granule mixed in liquid ,UHMW filter has the lowest rate .From this point ,we also said it the suitable material for filter system .

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