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Traditional Steel Screen Sheet VS Plastic Screen Sheet

We have to admit that steel is still impossible to be replaced by plastic ,no matter the plastic has the similar property of it .For example the strength ,until now we still havn’t found a plastic has the same strength as steel .But for other properties ,plastic has some characters better than steel .

In screen sheet domain ,steel screen is no longer the right choice ,it has been and will be completely replaced by plastic screen .A filter machine is mainly composed by screen sheet ,the weight of filter machine depends on screen sheet’s weight .If the screen sheet is made by steel ,that will occupy the major weight of filter machine ,so the weight of filter machine will be very heavy ,it makes difficult to carry and use .Another important point is that the steel screen sheet is easy to rust ,the rust is a danger to separate mixture .From long time agon ,the user begin to use plastic screen sheet to replace it ,plastic sheet never rust ,it’s non-toxic and harmful .Among all various plastic materials ,which one is the best ?Our polymer composite plastic screen sheet gives you the best choice .

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