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The Properties Of Machined UHMWPE Parts

Machined uhmwpe parts are known for their excellent properties, of course, the excellent properties of machined uhmwpe parts are mainly derived from polyethylene, however, not all of the polyethylene properties are the same as for polyethylene profiled parts The same performance, there are different, in general, the main features of machined uhmwpe parts of the following points:

1, The machined uhmwpe parts with best wear resistance, and the higher molecular weight, the higher wear resistance and impact resistance of the material.

2, The machined uhmwpe parts with impact strength is the high value of existing plastics, even at 70 ℃ still have a very high impact strength.

3, With self-lubricating performance.

4, The water absorption is very low. Therefore, its physical and mechanical properties are independent of the humidity factors in the operating conditions used.

5, The machined uhmwpe parts with chemical stability, in a certain temperature, concentration range of acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive media and organic solvents corrosion.

6, The machined uhmwpe parts with odorless, non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive itself, with physiological and physiological physiological adaptability.

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