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The Difficulty Of Producing Uhmw Fabricante Sheets?

It is very difficult for the production and processing of uhmw fabricante sheets. What are the reasons for this?

This is mainly because the molecular chain of high molecular polyethylene is wound, the critical shear rate is low, the viscosity is large, the friction coefficient is small, the fluidity is very poor, and it is easy to slip, so it is not easy to be shaped and the processing is very difficult.

At present, the processing methods for the formation of high-molecular polyethylene sheets include: plunger extrusion, screw extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, and other thermoplastic processing methods. Each of these methods can add various additives according to the determined formula ratio. Modification of raw materials can reduce the difficulty of processing. Sintering molding method can better maintain the performance of high molecular polyethylene sheet.

It is also because of the processing methods of these polyethylene plates that have led to its wide range of applications. Our company is specialized in producing polyethylene plate manufacturers, product quality and reliable, affordable, is your ideal choice!

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