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The Different Properties Of Rubber Plastic Conveyor Roller Have Different Effects

Rubber plastic conveyor roller has many properties, so that is certainly also used in different places. For example, the natural rubber Plastic Conveyor Roller has excellent elasticity and mechanical strength, good alkali resistance, used in textile, papermaking leather, packaging and other equipment in the compression of plastic feed roller and metallurgical, mining and other industries traction Plastic Conveyor Roller. Nitrile rubber plastic conveyor roller generally has excellent oil resistance, and wear resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance is also good for printing, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, paper, packaging, plastic processing equipment and other contact oil and aliphatic hydrocarbons Solvent-like occasions. There are neoprene Plastic Conveyor Roller it has excellent anti-wear, high fire resistance, aging resistance, good heat resistance, oil and acid and alkali resistance, for the printing plate etching machine, plastic, leather, Printing, food printing iron, ordinary coating machines and other equipment. There are butyl rubber plastic conveyor roller has a high chemical resistance, good heat resistance (170 ℃), excellent acid and alkali resistance, suitable for color printing machinery, leather machinery, coating equipment.

EPDM Plastic Conveyor Roller has excellent resistance to ozone aging, weatherability, the use of wide temperature, can be -65 ℃ -140 ℃ long-term work, excellent insulation properties for plastic printing machinery, leather machinery, general field. And then there is a high degree of mechanical strength and wear resistance, anti-aging and oil resistance is also very good, commonly used in papermaking, chemical fiber, wood processing, plastic processing and other machinery. Common Silicone rubber plastic conveyor rollers can be used with high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, chemical inertness and non-sticking to plastics for the processing of hot-stick products such as polyethylene calendering, embossing, printing and dyeing and film Of the coating adhesive, plastic composite, corona treatment and other machinery, but also for the production of sugar and packaging machine on the release of plastic conveyor roller and non-woven manufacturing. Fluorine rubber plastic conveyor roller is also more common It has a special high heat, oil, acid and other properties, weather resistance, electrical insulation, anti-aging, flame resistance, wear resistance and other properties are also good for Coating equipment.

The last one is the carbon fiber Plastic Conveyor Roller, and it is compared to other light weight, high strength, high temperature. Used in special industries such as wide film.

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