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The Basic Information And Application Of Polyurethane Plastic Rollers

With the rapid development of polyurethane plastic roller conveyor in China, coupled with the relevant government departments and industry associations of the regulatory and standard development, the market emerged many mature conveyor brands, and the use of national and industry-standard polyurethane materials for processing Making.

Polyurethane Plastic Rollers is made of polyisocyanate and polyether polyol or polyester polyol or small polymer polyol, polyamine or water and other chain extender or crosslinking agent and other raw materials made of polymer. By changing the type and composition of raw materials, can greatly change the product form and its performance, from soft to hard the final product. Polyurethane Plastic Rollers material is soft, semi-rigid and rigid foam, elastomer, paint coating, adhesive, sealant, synthetic leather coating resin, elastic fiber, widely used in automobile manufacturing, refrigerator manufacturing, transportation Transportation, civil construction, footwear, synthetic leather, fabric, electromechanical, petrochemical, mining machinery, aviation, medical, agriculture and many other fields.

Polyurethane Plastic Rollers is a new type of polymer materials, polyurethane has its special high wear resistance, tear resistance, high elasticity, high load and other excellent performance, with the industrial production enterprises and the continuous promotion and development of the Industry to improve the production capacity of the product, and gradually the use of polyurethane material drum to replace the traditional rubber roller or Plastic Rollers. Polyurethane Plastic Rollers with its own excellent performance, will undoubtedly become the first choice for production enterprises. Polyurethane Plastic Rollers material roller conveyor has been able to get a wide range of applications, is due to its best insulation performance.

Polyurethane Plastic Rollers not only has the advantages of traditional plastic, such as small density, corrosion resistance, etc., but also better on the performance of the conveyor to be better improved, such as enhancing the toughness of the conveyor can be in the production of transport materials Reduce the material on the conveyor and drum impact and wear resistance, but also has good seismic wear resistance. Polyurethane Plastic Rollers in other materials than the drum, with high production efficiency, low cost characteristics, so as to better save production costs for production enterprises, only one-tenth of the metal material drum. Polyurethane Plastic Rollers in the production process, in the polyurethane mixed with some minerals, can make the properties of polyurethane to better play. Polyurethane Plastic Rollers is usually in the working environment temperature lower production operating environment, with good cold resistance, due to the unique polyurethane Plastic Rollers brittle, and thus can become brittle at low temperatures.

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