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Storage Method Of Industrial Plastic Conveying Roller

In general, industrial Plastic Conveyor Roller should be stored in a warehouse with a temperature of 10-35 ° C and a relative humidity of 50-80%. The temperature is too high or too low, will cause the thermal cracking of rubber or thermal crosslinking, which will make the plastic surface aging, hardening, loss of elasticity should be, cracking, resulting in wear resistance decreased; the other if the humidity is too large, The air will cause the roller to absorb moisture.

As the industrial Plastic Conveyor Roller covered with rubber, in the transport and storage process, should avoid direct sunlight, rain and snow leaching, prohibited with acid, alkali, oil and organic solvents such as touch, and 2m away from the heat source.

Do not place in the strong light and ultraviolet light, UV can directly lead to the rubber molecular chain fracture and cross-linking, the rubber due to the absorption of light energy and free radicals, trigger and accelerate the oxidation chain reaction process. UV light plays the role of heating. So you need to use thick paper and black plastic cloth covered in the industrial plastic conveyor roller around the dark measures, otherwise it will cause the glue surface aging, decolorization, cracking, etc., to reduce the life of industrial plastic conveyor roller and affect the quality of printed materials.

Industrial plastic conveyor roller in the storage and stacking, to support the shaft from the storage, is strictly prohibited extrusion, the distance between the roller and roller should not be less than 5mm. When moving, move, lift the shaft, to prevent the plastic extrusion, bump, scratches.

If the new roll is not used temporarily, please do not open the package, only the front of the packaging can be removed before the packaging, because the packaging paper can play a protective effect.

In addition, industrial plastic conveyor roller should be stored away from high-pressure equipment, motors and other places where ozone may occur, because the ozone chemical activity is much higher than oxygen, destructive also large storage improper, but also lead to ozone cracking. For the ultra-standard storage of industrial plastic conveyor roller, before use should check whether there are defects, only completely in front of the machine can be used.

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