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Slick Synthetic Ice Rink For Hockey

Before using synthetic ice rink ,many people worry if the synthetic ice is not as smooth as natural ice ,because the common plastics smoothness can’t compare with natural ice .After many years experiments ,the people finally find an auto lubricant plastic to make slick synthetic ice ,it’s UHMW PE the formal name as ultra high molecular weight polyethylene .The people begin to use it as slide rail ,because the friction is very low and it can keep the smoothness for long time without any maintenance ,the people start to use it as ice rink .In fact ,the durability is very good ,and in some respects ,the property can exceed natural ice ,so more and more people begin to use this slick synthetic ice to replace natural ice .

Many synthetic ice boards constitute synthetic ice rink for hockey sport ,the hockey is very popular sport .Speed ,force ,reaction velocity are expressed during such a sport ,we should never worry about the smoothness of ice .Now our synthetic ice rink for hockey is in sales promotion ,welcome to contact and visit our place .

synthetic ice rink for hockey

slick synthetic ice

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