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Sealed Plastic Road Mat In The Form Of Leakage

First, sealed Plastic Road Mat mechanism

Leakage that medium flows from within a limited space to the outside, or from outside into a limited space interior. The media flow through the interface between the inside and outside the space that leaks the sealing surface. The root cause of the leakage is due to the existence of gaps on the contact surface, and the contact surface on both sides of the pressure difference, the concentration difference is the driving force of leakage.

Due to the form of leakage and processing accuracy and other factors, there is a gap on the sealing surface is inevitable, which will cause the sealing surface is not fully consistent, resulting in leakage. To reduce the leakage, it is necessary to make the contact surface to the greatest degree of fitting, that is, to reduce the leakage channel cross-sectional area, increase the leakage resistance, and make it greater than the leakage driving force.

The compression surface is applied to the sealing surface to produce the pressing stress, which can improve the contact degree of the sealing surface. When the stress increases enough to cause obvious plastic deformation on the surface, the gap of the sealing surface can be filled and the leakage channel can be blocked.

The purpose of using Plastic Road Mat is the use of Plastic Road Mat material under the action of the compression load is more prone to plastic deformation characteristics, so that the flange sealing surface of the small bumps, in order to achieve sealing.

Second, the Plastic Road Mat seal leakage form

Bolt flange Plastic Road Mat connection, Plastic Road Mat is the most important sealing element. For non-metallic plastic gaskets, the connection is sealed by tightening the bolts, resulting in flange and Plastic Road Mat contact surface and its plastic gasket inside the larger compressive stress, so that the plastic gasket on the one hand The surface and the flange surface close fit to fill the flange surface of the micro gap, on the other hand to reduce the Plastic Road Mat material porosity, that is, to reduce the leakage of the sealed fluid channel.

Since any manufacturing or processing method is impossible to form an absolutely smooth ideal surface, it is impossible to achieve complete mating between the sealing surfaces and the complete blocking of the pores of the seal itself. Therefore, in the contact between the sealing surface and the inside of the seal There is a small gap or channel. Thus, for Plastic Road Mat seals, leakage is always unavoidable. When the media with a certain pressure through the bolt flange connection, there will always leak at the sealing point, analysis of this phenomenon, you can find it is in two forms, the so-called "interface leakage" and "osmotic leakage" The


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