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Processing Method Of Roller Surface Of Polyurethane Coatings

Preparation of acid fluid, potassium dichromate (sodium dichromate or) dissolved into the water, then into the sulfuric acid, nitric acid, simultaneously mixing acid can be made. In sulfuric acid when mixed with water. will release a lot of heat, it must be acid slowly into the water. Do not pour water into sulphuric acid ... so as to avoid sudden splashing acid burns the body, accident. Roller surface acid treatment is due to the spinning of raw material, variety, yarn of different light acid, acid, acid treatments. General light acid treatment used high-grade varieties, fine yarn (yarn); acid treatment for textile products, yarn (yarn); acid treatment used for coarse yarn or synthetic varieties (low count yarn). Acid treatment of different hose, required different concentrations of acid and acid treatment time.

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