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Press Forming Method Is The Main Processing Method Of UPE Profile UHMWPE

Press forming method is the main processing method of UPE profile UHMWPE, mainly used for sheet metal production. It is a plastic product in which a resin is placed in a mold and heated and pressurized to form a certain shape. The density of the powder, the heating temperature, the heating time, the amount and proportion of the additive, the variety of the UPE profile, and the applied pressure all affect the size and performance of the product. Therefore, the randomness of the operation is relatively large, and the technical requirements of the operator are relatively high.

Molding is characterized by low cost, simple equipment, low investment, and no influence on the relative molecular weight of UHMWPE. Even the world's highest molecular weight UHMWPE (up to 10 million in Germany) can be processed. Disadvantages are low production efficiency, high labor intensity, and unstable product quality. For the forming process of UPE profile UHMWPE, due to its relatively high molecular weight and poor fluidity, UHMWPE products are mainly processed by compression molding in other countries.

Press forming method is the main processing method of UPE profile UHMWPE

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