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Precautions When Using Polyethylene Bunker Liner

 Nowadays, polyethylene bunker liners are used more and more widely. However, many people do not understand its precautions when using them. The following polyethylene bunker liner manufacturers will lead everyone to understand.

The polyethylene bunker liner is a thermoplastic engineering plastic. It combines the superior properties of most plastics, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, self-lubrication, and absorption of impact energy. These six characteristics are currently high in plastics. New plastic products are widely used everywhere and the demand is increasing.

Precautions when using polyethylene bunker lining: 1. For the first time, the material in the silo is stored to two-thirds of the capacity of the whole bin, and then discharged. 2. During operation, always keep the material in the bin of the material entering and leaving the bin, and always keep the material storage in the bin more than one-half of the capacity of the bin. 3. It is strictly forbidden to directly impact the polyethylene bunker liner. 4. The hardness of different materials is different. Do not change the material and flow rate arbitrarily. If it needs to be changed, it should not be greater than 12% of the original design capacity. Changing the material or flow rate will affect the service life of the polyethylene bunker liner. 5, the use of ambient temperature, generally not more than 100 °C. 6. Do not use external force to damage its structure and loosen fasteners at will. 7. The time of the material in the static state of the warehouse should not exceed 36 hours. Note that the more viscous materials should not stay in the warehouse to prevent agglomeration. The material with water content less than 4% can prolong the rest time. 8. When the temperature is low, please pay attention to the static time of the material in the warehouse to avoid the formation of frozen blocks.

The above is a description of the precautions when using the polyethylene bunker liner. I hope to help you. Thank you for your attention. Welcome to cooperate with us. Thank you for your support.

Precautions when using polyethylene bunker liner

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