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Plastic Ice Skating Rink

At present ,plastic skating rink is favourably received by ice sports fans .No matter in winter or in summer ,we can use it instead of natural ice but never be afraid for the ice melting ,the ice rink plastic is compound polymer and never transform even in very hot condition .Normally a plastic skating rink can use for more than 5 years without any repair ,conversely the natural ice rink can only exist for 3 or 4 months ,so the plastic skating rink gives us a possibility to enjoy skating sports in whatever season .Further more ,the ice rink plastic neednt special maintenance .When it becomes dirty ,we can wash it with common used detergent ;when we find some scratching points ,only to smear some lubricant is enough .

Quickly come to plastic ice skating rink to enjoy skating sport !

plastic skating rink

ice rink plastic

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