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Plastic Filter Plate Processing Equipment

For modern industry ,CNC router has been widely applied for more and more processing factory .In our workshop to fabricate plastic filter plate ,CNC router is the main equipment .Processing by CNC router can increase the accuracy to the level where the human eye can’t find it ,such automatic equipment can observably reduce the human work ,thus improving the working efficiency .

Here is a typical CNC router ,at first we put the material sheet on the platform of CNC router ,then the fastening piece will fix the sheet and prevent it from moving .Before working of CNC router ,we must confirm the drawing of final product ,because once we start working ,the drawing which was stored in computer can’t be changed .Every hole’s shape ,each length of size ,even the logo or some designed figure can be carved by the machine .The working of CNC router need not our control ,all process will be made automatically .The head of machine can be changed for treating different object ,for example we can use milling head to mill the surface of sheet ,the common used head is drilling head ,the hole of plastic filter plate was drilled by it .The maintenance of CNC router is easy ,because PC systeme is integrated ,it need not our daily maintenance ,the mechanical parts only need less effort to do .

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