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Pipeline For The Delivery Of Plastic Conveyor Roll Introduced

Plastic conveyor roll is a kind of spare parts in the pipeline equipment, its shape is cylindrical, in our daily life often used in digital printers, rotary screen printing machine have used plastic conveyor roll, not only in these And we are closely related to the field, plastic conveyor roll is also widely used in mining conveyors and pipelines and other industries.

Plastic conveyor roll is generally produced after molding, according to different environmental requirements, load requirements and maintenance of the premise, the technical staff will generally give the plastic conveyor roll product coating, painting, oxidation and other surface treatment. Pipeline plastic conveyor roll is generally made of seamless steel pipe for the material, there are driven plastic conveyor roll and drive the difference between the plastic conveyor roll production process is basically through the plastic conveyor roll car, the primary school static balance , The shaft head of the configuration of the welding, and then by the fine cars and fine school balance and other processes.

Plastic conveyor roll made of a lot of choice of materials, according to the plastic conveyor roll technology and functionality to carry out the choice of different materials, we commonly used materials are: carbon steel chrome, carbon steel plastic, carbon steel galvanized, aluminum , Stainless steel, ABS and so on. As the type and size of the application is not the same, the diameter of the plastic conveying roller is not the same, we usually use the diameter: 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 42mm, 50mm, 57mm, 60mm, 76mm, 80mm, 89mm The

The quality of the plastic conveying roller for the pipeline

A good quality plastic conveying roller from the beginning of the production process can be decided, then the design and production of the drum produced what stringent requirements?

The roller on the conveyor line must have good load capacity to avoid deformation in the case of heavy load; plastic conveying roller material must have the balance of thermal cooling, cooling and thermal conditions can be achieved even in the case of rapid distribution; Roller accuracy; this need not explain, if not enough fine, will seriously affect the quality of the assembly line equipment; drum surface treatment, good wear resistance and corrosion and so on.

Classification of plastic conveyor roll for pipelining

Pipeline dedicated plastic conveyor roll general technical staff will be structural, functional and process to the process of classification, simply to the induction,

1, according to the structure can be divided into seamless steel pipe plastic conveying roller, forging and centrifugal casting plastic conveyor roll;

2, according to the function and the use of the way they can be divided into: from the plastic conveying roller, holding plastic conveyor roll, heated plastic conveying roller, cooling plastic conveyor roll;

3, according to the production process can be divided into: calendering stick, pressure bachelor, cast plastic conveying roller.

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