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Our Cutting UHMW PE Sheets Machine

Cutting UHMW PE sheets is an important process after making ,there are mainly two types of cutting UHMW PE sheets machines ,the first one is portable cutting machine ,the second one is fixed type cutting platform ,all these two types are our main cutting machines .

For small size UHMW PE parts ,portable cutting machine is suitable .Before cutting ,our experienced worker measure the shape and makes mark for every measurement point ,then make lineation with rules .All of this UHMW PE part’s shape will be delineated according client’s drawing .Finally workers will take the portable cutting machine to cut every UHMW PE sheet ,all our portable cutting machine are provided by BOSCH .

For big size UHMW PE parts ,they must be cut with fixed cutting platform .Cutting platform is a precision machine ,the surface to place parts for cutting is very flat and smooth ,the flatness is less than 0.1mm .It must be installed in a very solid and horizontal ground ,it won’t make any vibration during working .The fasten device will fix the UHMW PE sheet to avoid any loosening ,then electric motor saw in center of platform will cut the UHMW PE into our required size .

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