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Number Of Roller Line

Roller refers to the number of lines along the Anilox roll to the unit length of the number of Internet access points, which determine the roller the ink evenly and amount of ink. Higher the number of roller, ink on the roller closer "continuous." In addition, the roller line its capacity is directly related to the number, so it's very important for ink effect. When the number of roller line increases, Cells surface area decreases volume becomes smaller, so the amount of ink is also smaller. Thus, the higher the number of roller line, less ink. In addition, the roller is determined by the number of lines has its own scope of application. Generally speaking, in printing large areas of ground color or not when the image is too high, consider using the line roller: for half-tone or color printing, high-line roller should be used to ensure that Cells surface area smaller than the plate a minimum of the dot, thereby reducing the network increases.

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