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Non-standard Plastic Rollers Of Various Types Of Technical Analysis

In the traditional design of the conveyor, most of the production enterprises are using standard roller conveyor parts, to carry out production operations, the standard drum is usually in accordance with national standards issued by the standard specifications for the production of the drum. According to the production enterprises in the conveyor line on the layout of the production and production operations and other factors, the production enterprises can be in accordance with their own transport equipment required for the standard roller design drawings to be redesigned.

In recent years, to meet the needs of mining, metallurgy and other industries. Conveyor equipment is increasingly moving towards large, long distance and high operating rates. The reliability and economic requirements of large conveyors are also increasing, so the conveyor equipment, key accessories, such as conveyor belts, rollers and other accessories also put forward higher requirements.

Non-standard Plastic Rollers type of accessories are more classified, mainly based on the conveyor equipment to be divided in the production enterprises are common to: non-standard belt line series, non-standard speed chain series, non-standard chain plate series, non Standard Plastic Rollers line series, non-standard drying line series, non-standard assembly line series and non-standard automatic plane series. Non-standard Plastic Rollers conveyor equipment mainly for rivets, industrial ovens, drilling machines, lifts and other conveyor equipment.

Non-standard Plastic Rollers design is not as traditional process design standard equipment so simple, the standard roller design, is based on the production enterprises to produce the material to the specific provisions of the general design process can be completed by the production process. Rather than the standard Plastic Rollers is required according to the production enterprises in the production operations, is based on the production enterprises need to use the specific production sites, industry characteristics and the use of production materials, the standard drum to carry out an independent design, so non-standard Plastic Rollers Design, there is no specific design reference model.

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