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Mud Mat Application

It’s invevitable to work at mud field ,maybe in the first day the field was dry and hard ,but after a rain the field become muddy and sloppy .For example ,the project need a mobile crane to work at such muddy place ,if it work without a mud mat ,not only the crane foot is easy to slip ,but also the crane will sink into mud ,it’s very dangerous .

The usual method is to put rig mat ,but rig mat is too large to carry and not for continuous use ,because it’s usually made by wood ,the wood absorb water after using ,so the already very heavy rig becomes much heavier ,so that very difficult to carry and use .

Our mud mat is composite plastic mat ,the chemical resistance is very stabilized ,the water absorption rate is nearly zero ,it can be used continuously ,convinient to carry ,the service life is extra long .


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