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Introduction To The Classification And Cleaning Of Plastic Rollers

The Plastic Rollers is a cylindrical conveyor part, a sub-drive and a driven roller. Widely used in such as rotary screen printing machine, digital printers, transportation equipment, paper and packaging machinery and other transmission systems. We often see the roller with a dynamic plastic rollers, carbon steel Plastic Rollers, stainless steel Plastic Rollers, PVC Plastic Rollers and so on. Usually made of seamless steel pipe, but also depending on the need for different processes such as aluminum alloy 6061T5, 304L / 316L stainless steel, 2205 duplex stainless steel, steel castings, solid forged alloy steel core for the material.

The production of Plastic Rollers is mainly composed of roller body car, primary school static balance, shaft head interference assembly welding, fine car and fine school balance and other processes. If the behavior tolerance, such as roundness, cylindrical degree and straightness requirements below 0.2mm, then in the car after the need for cylindrical grinding machine or roller grinding machine grinding. The surface hardness requirements, you need to increase the heat treatment process.

After the Plastic Rollers is molded, it is necessary for surface treatment or coating such as painting, galvanizing, TEFLON spraying, rubber coating, chrome plating, ceramic spraying and oxidation for rust and corrosion, wear and support.

According to the size of the classification, there are large, such as papermaking machinery roller (length can reach more than 10 meters, the diameter of 1500mm or more), there are small, such as automatic assembly line belt conveyor with flat roller (usually within 1 meter long ) Within the diameter of 159mm

According to the role of points, there is to ensure the accuracy of transmission, such as digital laser printer on the roller, from the role of pressure filtration, such as papermaking machinery on the calendering roller, the size of the requirements of the support roller is not high, Exchange requirements of the roller, there are lifting pressure filter roller, etc., not enumerated.

Conveyor Plastic Rollers for all kinds of boxes, bags, trays and other parts of the transport, bulk material, small items or irregular items to be placed on the tray or delivery box delivery. Able to transport a single piece of heavy material, or to withstand greater impact load.

Structure: According to the drive can be divided into dynamic plastic rollers and non-powered plastic rollers line, according to the layout can be divided into horizontal conveyor plastic rollers line, tilt the plastic rollers and turn the plastic rollers line. But also according to customer requirements special design to meet the requirements of various customers. Standard gauge plastic rollers line width of 200,300,400,500,1200 mm and so on. Other special specifications can also be used according to customer requirements. Turning Plastic Rollers line standard turning radius of 600,900,1200 mm, etc., can also be used according to customer needs other special specifications. Straight plastic rollers used in the Plastic Rollers diameter of 38,50,60,76,89 mm and so on.

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