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How To Use The Relatively Long Length Of Printing Rollers

Machines with powder injection equipment, powder with the paper version or when the second printing back on the cot, after cleaning the printing roller, clean printing rollers on the powder. When printing roller surface cracking and grinding to remove as soon as possible. At the time of installation and removal, and should be handled with care, and should not crash roll neck and rubber surface, so as to avoid glue roller damaged, bent or damaged; roll neck bearings combined with tight, loosing time welding repairs. When the machine stops, depend on printing roller and plate cylinder should be disengagement dismount loading to prevent deformation of static pressure. Special cleaning agent for cleaning ink should be selected, and check whether there is paper on the printing roller, paper powder was not washed away, paper, paper powder stay in uniform on the rollers need bag cloth. After the end of printing rubber rollers in printing, ink wash on printing rollers. Printing roller ink hardened film is formed on the surface, namely plastic glasses when using pumice powder grinding it out.

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