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How To Produce Plastic Screen Board ?

UHMW PE board is a high performance plastic board ,but do you know that is a plastic board very hard to produce .Its molecular chain is very long ,molecule and molecule were linked by molecular chain ,so its flowability is very low ,even in molten condition ,it always a high viscosity ,almost haven’t natural flow .Face to such a difficult plastic to process ,the manufacturing technique is very important .

Injection is appied for majority of plastic ,but for low flowability plastic such as UHMW PE ,impossible to produce with a satisfied efficiency .Our factory adopts compression moulding technique ,this is a classic manufacturing way ,although the production efficient is not high ,but this way can guarantee the quality of UHMW PE board .

UHMW PE board is not the final product ,after compression moulding ,it will be cut by carving machine .All our carving machines are controlled by PC ,the carving process is made automatically by software .The working accuracy can be limited to 0.1mm ,so the shape of final plastic screen board is completely same as drawing .Now we still put effort to research the new technique to improve the manufacturing way .On the one hand the quality of plastic screen board must be guaranteed ,on the other hand the working efficiency must be improved .

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