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How To Manage Inventory Classification Of Roller

This listing only classified by LPI, only knows roller lines, does not know the network volume (BCM), the selection does not provide the necessary parameters. For example also is 800LPI of network lines roll, some may is 1.0BCM, and another some is may is 1.8 or more big of BCM, its printing of Biography ink volume on big not same, so inventory network lines roll of listing except remember Ming network lines roll of LPI outside, while also must respectively remember Ming its BCM parameter also, due to network lines roll using period of long temporarily and maintenance of bad, network lines roll network points of surface or network wall of wear or by ink slag of jam situation also not same, its printing effect also great difference. In the roller preparation inventory list, should also be indicated. When ordering a roller to the manufacturer, users should clearly propose processing parameters, including: number of lines per inch, network volumes, carved angles and belt width not carving (as drawn). In addition, because inevitably there are some differences in the process, even the processing of roller of LPI and BCM, better batch order processing.

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