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How To Improve The Durability Of High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

High-molecular-weight polyethylene sheet has been gradually applied to a wide range of applications. The ultra-high performance of the sheet is believed to be well understood. So, how much do you know about the durability of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheets? If we operate properly It can also effectively improve the durability of the board. When the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet was originally used for the warehouse liner, it was required to store the material to the capacity of two-thirds of the entire warehouse before discharging.

It is usually used in an environment of no more than 80 °C. Prevent the direct impact of materials on the lining, and do not arbitrarily change the materials and flow of the warehouse, otherwise it will affect the service life of the lining and form quality damage. Its construction and firmware must not be damaged by external forces. In the case of low temperature operation, in order to prevent the appearance of agglomeration, it is necessary to shorten the storage time of materials in the warehouse. Do not place viscous materials in the warehouse for a long time to prevent agglomeration. Other materials should not exceed the storage time in the warehouse for more than three days. The stop time in the material warehouse with small water content can be extended according to the actual situation.

How to improve the durability of high molecular weight polyethylene

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