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How To Identify UHMW Polyethylene Sheet

UHMW Polyethylene sheet more and more widely used, its types are more and more, how to teach you how to distinguish it: the first move: the color distinction, the product color is not even turbidity. The second measure: the impact of law points. The simple operation is to use the hammer to hit the plate will not break. The third measure: stroke method. Hand touch our product surface smooth no rough feeling. The fourth trick: experimental method. Put a small sample on the water will float on the water, not sink! UHMW Polyethylene sheet of the latest applications:

First, the beverage food machinery: the use of wear resistance, impact resistance, non-adhesive, non-toxic health, production work boards, transportation, gear and so on. Second, the paper industry: vacuum box panels, dehydration board, scraper, seal, cutter, such as sets. Third, the water treatment: sewage treatment plant sludge scraper, screw conveyor liner, mud pump impeller, pump sleeve, clarifier gear and sedimentation tank liner. Fourth, medical equipment: human implants, artificial joints, orthopedic instruments and stents, surgical devices.

Fifth, the textile machinery: the use of impact resistance, wear resistance and self-lubricating, such as 36 gear, shuttle frame machine buffer baffle, bearing lining tile, shuttle and so on.

6, automobile manufacturing: UHMW Polyethylene products --- lift slider, etc., not only can reduce the number of parts, in reducing noise also played a very good role. Manufacturers should use the characteristics of UHMW Polyethylene products, as far as possible the integration of multiple parts, reduce the number of trying to achieve the purpose of forming a complex parts. The use of UHMW Polyethylene is increasing every year. With the continuous updating and development of society, the state more and more to promote the plastic on behalf of the steel, recycling; in response to the state called on China Plastic Industry over the years has been committed to the engineering plastics industry, experienced, advanced production equipment complete.

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