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How Is The Application Of Tivar 1000 Natural Plate ?

Edit:Tangyin Dingyuan Engineering Plastics Co.,LtdDate:Aug 18, 2017

Tivar 1000 is not like Tivar 88 ,Tivar 1000 reserve the original elements and keeps some principal performance .The color is white ,it can be widely used for many domains :


1.      Because of the most wear resistance and very low friction coefficient ,it can be processed into synthetic ice panels ,the synthetic ice rink is one of popular products .

2.      Benefit from its excellent impact resistance and zero water absorption ,it’s the main part of marine fenders .

3.      Tivar 1000 can bear very cold temperature ,the normal working condition can reach -2700C .In such cold condition ,it can also keep all characters ,especially low friction ability ,so it’s very suitable to be used in quick frozen food industry .

4.      Because of good chemical resistance and UV resistance ,it’s one of ideal materials for liquid vessel ,the majority of acid or alkali can’t make chemical reaction with it .

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