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How Is The Application Of Tivar 1000 Natural Plate ?

Tivar 1000 is not like Tivar 88 ,Tivar 1000 reserve the original elements and keeps some principal performance .The color is white ,it can be widely used for many domains :


1.      Because of the most wear resistance and very low friction coefficient ,it can be processed into synthetic ice panels ,the synthetic ice rink is one of popular products .

2.      Benefit from its excellent impact resistance and zero water absorption ,it’s the main part of marine fenders .

3.      Tivar 1000 can bear very cold temperature ,the normal working condition can reach -2700C .In such cold condition ,it can also keep all characters ,especially low friction ability ,so it’s very suitable to be used in quick frozen food industry .

4.      Because of good chemical resistance and UV resistance ,it’s one of ideal materials for liquid vessel ,the majority of acid or alkali can’t make chemical reaction with it .

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