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Egyptian Customers Visit Our Synthetic Ice

After visiting our factory, our Egyptian customers ordered 400 square meters of synthetic ice.Through our professional production equipment and suggestions, we have won the trust of them.

Dingyuan synthetic ice does not need high-power refrigeration and ice-making equipment. It is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly. It is simple to maintain and does not require heavy ice replication to meet the needs of all ice sports. It can be used indoors and outdoors throughout the year.

The synthetic ice does not require any electricity. For those who are very concerned about environmental issues, choosing the project will be the best choice. It guarantees your passion for skating and supports other ice projects.

Unlike other outdoor real ice rinks, the simulation ice rink does not need to invest in a huge power system to make ice, nor does it need refrigeration equipment and cooling devices to maintain it, so it also reduces carbon dioxide emissions, reduces water waste, and reduces The construction of plumbing facilities saved manpower, material and financial resources for resetting the ice. Taking into account the factors of global warming, it is still difficult to build real ice rinks outdoors.

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