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Development History Of Rubber And Plastic Conveyor Roller

Rubber plastic conveyor roller development has been more than 100 years of history. In 1866, a German company invented a rubber Plastic Conveyor Roller. Four years later, the Canadian Henry Martinson applied for a patent for the balance technology, opened the prelude to the balance correction industry. In 1907, Dr. Franz Lawaczek provided improved balance technology to Mr. Carl Schenck of Germany, which in 1915 produced the first double-sided rubber plastic conveyor roll.

Until the end of the last century 40's, all the balance process is in the use of pure mechanical balance equipment carried out. The rotor's rotational speed usually takes the resonant speed of the vibration system to maximize the amplitude. In this way the rotor balance is measured, the measurement error is large and unsafe.

Rubber and Plastic Conveyor Roller With the development of electronic technology and the popularity of rigid rotor balance theory, most of the balance equipment after the fifties have adopted electronic measurement technology. The plane-separated circuit technology of the rubber plastic conveyor roller effectively eliminates the balance between the left and right sides of the workpiece. Until the seventies, the appearance of hard-bearing rubber Plastic Conveyor Roller can be considered a leap in the history of the development of rubber and Plastic Conveyor Roller. It uses a static balance under the size of the set, eliminating the traditional soft-bearing rubber plastic conveyor roller to be frequent dynamic adjustment of the inconvenience, the formation of a permanent calibration of the rubber plastic conveyor roller. In the 1980s, the piezoelectric sensor technology gave a revolution in the development of rubber and Plastic Conveyor Roller. The use of this technology rubber Plastic Conveyor Roller in the need for very high-speed balance of the basic replacement of the soft-bearing rubber plastic conveyor roller.

At present, with the use of microcomputer technology, rubber and plastic conveyor roller has brought into a new era, rubber and plastic conveyor roller in the performance, accuracy, operability have been significantly improved. Rubber Plastic Conveyor Roller has been set light, electricity, machine all aspects of technology in one. And in the power tools, machinery manufacturing, fans, motors, paper, textiles, household appliances, metallurgy and other fields have been more and more widely used.

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