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Application Of White UHMW Sheet

White is the original color of UHMW PE ,it’s not a dirt-proof color ,but it looks elegant .For food making industry or civil using ,it has wide application ,here we introce some representative :


1.      Base plate for food machine

UHMW PE is a non-toxic harmless material ,it can be used for food making machines .For example ,the base plate or dam-board can be white UHMW sheet .It has also excellent chemical resistance ,even in high temperature condition ,the color won’t change ,and keep the original shape .The surface of base plate won’t adhere any dust or liquid ,even we won’t clean it ,the surface can always keep clean and good looking .

2.      Synthetic ice rink panels

Skating sport is deeply loved by many sport fans ,but this is a sport only can be done in winter .It’s well limited by temperature ,as we have known ,the natural ice can’t bear normal temperature ,beyond 00C natural ice will melt .We can also skate in real ice rink indoor ,the indoor ice rink need many refrigeration equipments to keep cold temperature ,so the cost is very high .Synthetic ice rink can perfectly resolve this problem ,it has similar feeling during skating ,but much more wear resistant than real ice .Because the natural ice is white ,so the synthetic ice panel which will replace natural ice must be in white color .It looks elegant ,we have impression that looks as the same as natural ice rink .

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