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Application Of UHMW Polyethylene Profile And Tubing

In recent years, with the continuous breakthrough of UHMW Polyethylene processing technology, profiled extrusion products have been used in general machinery, food machinery, chemical industry, medical equipment, recreational supplies and so on. UHMW Polyethylene profiled material is also used in small-scale snow machine, storage, Vacuum dryer section Guide products and so on. With the development of processing technology, the application field of UHMWPE is bound to expand.

Because UHMW Polyethylene has all kinds of excellent properties as described above, it is also an important application way to make tubing.

The use of UHMW Polyethylene tubing in the food processing industry: mainly for food delivery, such as wheat, rice and other grains. Most of the granary and grain processing plants now use galvanized iron tube, generally 0. 5 mn ' l wall thickness of the service life of only 2-3 months, so the urgent need for a wear-resistant and self-lubricating material made of pipe to replace the iron pipe is being used, the preferred material is UHMW Polyethylene, by the food processing industry welcome. 2000 national large and medium-sized flour processing plant has more than 2 500, small flour factory tens of thousands of rice, grains, feed processing plants are roughly estimated that there are thousands of, and each grain processing plant has hundreds of meters of pipe

Road, this can be seen in the food and industrial applications of the market prospects are very considerable. At the same time, because UHMW Polyethylene can contact with food, it is also suitable for the delivery of products such as salt and sugar.

The use of UHMW Polyethylene pipe in mineral powder, slurry, sand and gravel and power plant ash and slag transportation: UHMWPE is particularly suitable for the conveying of coal powder, mineral powder and solid-liquid mixture because of its extreme abrasion resistance, self-lubricating property and corrosion resistance. Ordinary steel pipe used for conveying mineral processing plant pulverized coal, magnetic powder, such as heavy media, because of serious wear, on average every 4 months will be replaced once, if the use of UHMW Polyethylene pipe, life will be greatly increased. In addition, UHMW Polyethylene in addition to the coal mine, can also be used in iron ore, manganese ore and other ferrous metal mining, copper, gold, bauxite and other non-ferrous metals mining, graphite ore, lime ore, alumina, gypsum and other non-metallic mining. UHMW Polyethylene pipe is also very suitable for the water conservancy and shipping sector navigation (HNA, Jiang Ai and river Navigation) and the wharf to clean the sediment needed for pumping pipeline.

UHMW Polyethylene pipe Special purpose is to make special plastic pipe products. Super high molecular weight polyethylene can be made into thick-walled pipe, and then cut into various sleeve, mainly used to replace the mine belt conveyor in the rollers and steel bearings. Because the working conditions of the belt conveyor are very bad, water, coal, mud, cinder, ore, gravel and so on often into the bearing, resulting in the operation is not flexible, and even death, exacerbated the roller and belt wear. Therefore the bearing dosage is very large, in the coal industry system, each production of 1 million t coal consumes about 15,000 bearings. The daily maintenance of the belt conveyor is mainly to replace the idler, while the maintenance of the roller is mainly to replace the bearing. If these bearings are made of UHMW Polyethylene, because UHMW Polyethylene high abrasion resistance and high self-lubricating, can greatly simplify the structure of the belt conveyor idler, installation and maintenance is very convenient, the coal industry can save a lot of money every year. Synthesis process

In the presence of Ziegler catalysts, ethylene or ethylene is polymerized with Zhang olefins. The production process of UHMW Polyethylene is similar to that of the ordinary HDPE, and all of them are polymerized under certain conditions by the Ziegler Catalyst. That is to say, as long as the Ziegler catalyst and in the appropriate process conditions can be prepared UHMWPE. This process is very similar to the low pressure slurry method of HDPE, the high efficiency catalyst of the supported Ziegler system can improve the catalytic efficiency greatly and simplify the polymerization process, so that the cost of the equipment investment and production operation is reduced greatly, so the price of UHMWPE is the cheapest of the thermoplastic engineering plastics.

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