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Application Of UHMW Polyethylene Market

UHMW Polyethylene (UHMWPE) is known as "the magic of the 21st century plastic", with other plastic incomparable excellent performance.

Shanghai Houde Rubber & Plastic Materials Co., Ltd. to UHMW Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Founding, relying on independent technological innovation started. (UHMWPE) ultra-high viscosity (108pa.s) has been at home and abroad academic metaphor for the metaphor of the UHMW Polyethylene (UHMWPE) ultra-high viscosity (108pa.s) Insurmountable gulf.

 Development of UHMW Polyethylene: the first high-pressure production of low-density (0.91-0.925) polyethylene, and later low pressure and medium pressure production of low-density (0.941-0.945) polyethylene.

In 1933 the British Imperial Chemical Company first developed in the 100-300MPA high pressure ethylene can be polymerized into a white waxy solid, that is, polyethylene, 1937 access to high-pressure polyethylene technology patents, 1939 began industrial production.

During World War II, Germany K.ZIOGLER found that the use of special organometallic compounds as a catalyst, ethylene can be low temperature and low pressure polymerization to obtain high-density polyethylene, in 1957, virtue of low pressure began to produce UHMW Polyethylene.

UHMW Polyethylene Flammability UL94 grade is the most widely used standard for combustible properties of plastic materials. It is used to evaluate the ability of the material to extinguish after being ignited. According to the burning speed, burning time, anti-drop ability and whether the beads can burn a variety of judging methods. Each test material can be based on color or thickness can get many values. When a material of a product is selected, the UL grade shall meet the thickness requirements of the wall part of the plastic part. The UL grade should be reported along with the thickness value, and it is not enough to report only the UL grade without the thickness.

UL94 Level Summary:

Plastic flame retardant grade by HB, V-2, V-1 to V-0 step by step increase

HB thickness <3mm level of the sample slow combustion, burning speed <76mm / min.

- can burn, just ask for burning speed.

V-2 vertical sample stops burning within 30 seconds; allows the burning of substances to drop. - 30S will be off, you can have drip

V-1 vertical specimen stops burning within 30 seconds; no droplets are allowed.

- 30S will be off, can not have drip

V-0 vertical specimen stops burning within 10 seconds; p No droplets are allowed.

- 10S will be off, can not have drip

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