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Application Of UHMW PE Screen For Dewatering Equipment In Paper Making Industry

Along with the application of UHMW PE product ,it’s widely applied for many industries ,paper and pulp making industry is one of them .Our UHMW screen is used for dewatering equipment ,it has replaced the traditional screen plate .Comparison with traditional screen material ,the UHMW PE is the appropriate one .Firstly ,it has low density ,the relative density is less than 1g/cm3 ,it’s lighter than water ,much less than steel .Secondly ,it has automatic lubrication ability ,it need not maintenance for daily using .Finally ,at the same time ,it’s the most important point ,UHMW screen has the best wear resistance ,as all users known ,the lifetime of screen plate depends on the material’s wear resistance .By the help of ultra high wear resistance ,UHMW screen also has the longest lifetime over all kinds of screen plate .

In paper and pulp making domain ,our UHMW screen product has always the leading position in this domain ,more than 500 paper and pulp making factories are using our UHMW screens .Benefit by the product quality ,the UHMW screen was well accepted by users .More and more users begin to know our product and try it .

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