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* Natural rubber roller, high flexibility and mechanical strength, good resistance to, used in the textile, paper, leather, packaging and other equipment in the press rollers and industries such as metallurgy, mining traction rubber roller. * Nitrile rubber roller, excellent oil resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance and better used for printing, printing and dyeing, chemical, paper, packaging, plastics processing equipment and other touch oil and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent occasions. * Neoprene roll, excellent abrasion resistance, high fire resistance, ageing resistance, good resistance to heat, oil, and acid and alkaline, for PCB etching machine, plastics, leather, printing, food, printing, General coating machine and other equipment. * Butyl rubber roller, high resistance to chemical solvents and good heat resistance (170 c), good acid and alkali, suitable for color printing machines, tanning machinery and coating equipment. * Ethylene-propylene rubber roller, excellent ozone aging resistance, weatherability, using the temperature width may work in the long-term under-65-140 ℃, good insulation, used in plastic printing machines, tanning machinery, General field.

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