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Application Of Black UHMW Sheet

As we known ,the original color of UHMW sheet is white ,for many applications ,if it hasn’t special demand for confirmed color ,the color is always white .Except of white color ,the black color is anothr important color of UHMW sheets .Here we introduce application for black UHMW sheet :


1.      Liners sheet

Liners sheet is generally black color .For mineral stone or coal ,it will be stored in silo or hopper ,the inner wall of liner is liner sheet .It protect the liner from frequent friction and prevent blackage by caking ,the color is usually black .Neither mineral stone nor coal is clean ,so the liner must have dirt proof color .In addition ,the liner sheet was put inside of silo or hopper ,it won’t expose under sunlight ,so black color is the suitable color .

2.      Outrigger pad

Mobile crane is not like gantry crane or bridge crane ,it can move and work anywhere ,but the working of crane need solid and stable foundation ,if not ,it has risk to incline or fall over .The outrigger pad is used like cushion under crane outriggers .It makes the supporting ground stable ,the color must be dirt-proof ,so black color is also suitable for it .

3.      Temporary road mat

Road mat is used for muddy place ,the function is like the floor for ground .The vehicle or some heavy equipments can’t stay or pass from such muddy place ,they will sink or fall over .Because the road mat is also for putting under foot ,any color will be good .For good looking apperance ,all temporary road mat are black color .

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