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Aluminum Roller Types And Characteristics

Aluminum mirror roll due to its high strength, light weight and characteristics of surface rust is widely used in industries. In the structure, aluminum alloy roller can be divided into four, first is a hollow shaft Quinn tube, the second is coupling aluminium Quinn, the third is water Al Quinn, the fourth figure because it is processed so called special Quinn. Mirror Quinn Luo coating is the most critical, the durability and hardness of Luo mirror Quinn is the decisive factor. Mirror Kun roll roll body work layer organization of two times hardening is refers to roll after high temperature quenching Hou two times carbide real of precipitation process, high chrome cast roll heating to Austrian's body of temperature Hou, should fast cooling makes chrome, and MO, and vanadium, alloy elements retained in Austrian's body, to 600 ℃ Hou, isothermal change makes Mo2C and M3C type carburizing body to M7C3 type change, makes Mo2C and V4C3 carbide from horse's body in the precipitation precipitation, to achieved "dispersion strengthened". This process is called mirror Quinn roller secondary hardening.

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