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Actual Size Of Synthetic Ice Panels

Synthetic ice rink is one of our main products ,since its generation ,it's always a trend to replace the true ice rink .As we known ,the whole ice rink was constituted by many synthetic ice panels .The standard size of ice panels is 1m*1m or 1m*2m ,but it's not the actual size ,because it doesn't include the connecting part ,this part seems like sawtooth ,it's located in the edge of panel ,the use is to bite the sawtouth of next synthetic ice panel .

With the connecting part ,the actual size of panel is not 1m*1m or 1m*2m ,in fact ,it's 1.02m*1.02m or 1.02m*2.02m ,the difference which is 0.02m is the length of sawtooth of every panel .


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