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200mm Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene Sheet Price

200mm  ultra high molecular polyethylene sheet is relatively thick, and it will be more difficult to produce. With the development of technology, the thickness of high-molecular-weight polyethylene sheet has a larger range than before, and the thickness of the sheet is currently expanded to the range of 10-200mm. So the price of polymer polyethylene sheet with a thickness of 200mm is not expensive?

The high-molecular polyethylene sheet produced by our company is not only of good quality, but also reasonably priced. The material has good chemical stability and is resistant to most acids, alkalis, organic solutions and hot water. Electrical insulation is good and easy to weld. Good chemical resistance This product can withstand the corrosion of strong chemicals, except for a slight corrosion of some strong acid at high temperature, and it is not corroded in other alkali liquids and acid liquids. It can be concentrated hydrochloric acid with temperature <80 °C. Medium application; in the concentration of <75% sulfuric acid, the concentration of <20% nitric acid is stable, and the performance of seawater and liquid detergent is also stable.

The quality of 200mm high-molecular-weight polyethylene sheet is guaranteed. Welcome to visit and purchase.

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