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Will the uhmw polyethylene sheet be affected by the humidity of the material?

Whether the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate will be affected by the moisture of the material, this question will be answered by professional polyethylene plate manufacturers.

Because of its excellent functional thermoplastic engineering plastics, UHMW-PE sheets have been widely used in different areas, such as silos, bulk materials for chute materials in silos, bins, hoppers, or other containers, and these The storage and transportation of materials in chutes, hoppers, transfer chutes, and similar equipment are often hindered by material agglomeration, bridging, or freezing, and it takes time and effort to deal with these questions. The use of UHMWPE fabrics is the best way to deal with these questions. Because of the use of ultra-high molecular weight polyolefin fabrics have the following benefits:

High abrasion resistance and very low coefficient of friction to prevent the activities of the material from being blocked during bridge construction; very low water absorption. It is not wetted by water and is not affected by the humidity of the material. Therefore, the material does not work on the wall of the cloth, or especially in the open air, nor does the wet material and the container freeze together because the temperature is too low; it complies with hygiene standards. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plates are odorless, odorless, and non-toxic materials. Therefore, it is allowed to be used in contact with food and medicines.

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