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Why we must lay UHMW silo liner?

A layer of protection liner for silo system is necessary ,but still many users never regard it .Sure they have many plausible reasons such as the cost not worthy ,adding weight of silo system ,needing maintenance for them ...But all these reasons are unilateral ,because comparison with advantage of UHMW silo liners ,they are unworthy to be mentioned .

UHMW silo liner is one of our conventional products ,it’s all made by pure UHMW resin with a molecular weight of 3 million .The density is not high than water ,about 0.93-0.96g/m3 ,so we need not care about the added weight for silo system .Two most important advantage of UHMW silo liners are the high abrasion and the low friction .UHMW liner has the highest abrasion among all kinds of liners ,whether the content is tough or soft ,the UHMW liner will protect the silo’s sheet from impacts and friction ,the silo’s sheet won’t bear any abrasion .UHMW liner has the automatic lubricating ability come from the inherent property of UHMW material .No matter how long we use it ,the surface always keeps smooth and slippery ,never condensation into great mass .

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