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What’s the manufacturing technology of UHMW plastic sheet ?

Raw material of UHMW plastic sheet is UHMW resin ,UHMW resin is a by-product of petrol industry .The petrol refinery process will generate many by-products ,ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is only one of them ,after separation ,this by-product will be purified ,then condensation makes it into UHMW resin .All our UHMW resin were supplied by Ticona U.S.A which is the leading company in this domain .

For making UHMW plastic sheet ,there are two manufacturing technologies .Extrusion method can only process thin UHMW plastic sheet ,the thickness is less than 20mm .If the sheet is thick or its molecular weight is too high ,even the UHMW resin is in melting state ,it will be hard to flow ,the viscosity will be very high .For such condition ,extrusion method is not the right way .

Compression moulding is our main manufacturing way ,since the production efficiency is not very high ,but the quality of product is great .When the UHMW resin is in melting state ,it bears a hug compression force from the mould .We have four production units ,the greatest force can reach 16800MT .In this condition ,all UHMW resin particle will disperse uniformly ,it’s easy to reform the homogeneous UHMW plastic sheet .

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