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What’s the machining UHMW polyethylene spec sheet ?

Generally speaking ,every metal machining equipment can process UHMW polyethylene sheets .UHMW polyethylene is a plastic ,its hardness and its mechanical strength are much lower than metal ,so the machining is not difficult .

1.      The cutting machine can adopt carpenter used model ,such as the wood cutting table or bed .

2.      The drilling maching is the same as metal used model ,the drilling bit need not the same quality as metal used one .

3.      For milling machine ,planing machine and grinding machine ,we can use the standard model ,the abrasion of such machines is not so fast as metal used one.

4.      Now the CNC lathe is widely used and will completely replace traditional manual operation lathe ,CNC lathe is more suitable for maching our UHMW polyethylene spec sheet.

5.      CNC router is an integrated intelligent equipment ,once we set all parameters ,the PC will control it to process sheets into the shape we want .

UHMW spec sheet is a product made by customer required parameters ,our factory all adopts CNC equipments to produce ,the machining UHMW polyethylene spec sheets technique is in leading position in the domain .

machining UHMW polyethylene spec sheet.jpg

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