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What needs to be done before application of COTS

First of all, carefully clear the roller surface rust or oxides. Common sand: carbon steel core, we recommend you use 80-100 aluminum oxide abrasive; of aluminium roller cores, to use the 140-320 mesh Abrasives for wet processing, after sandblasting, use solvent residues on the surface clean of dust. For good bonding results, carbon steel core in sand complete within 4 hours after bonding, aluminium roller cores to 72 hours to complete the bond after the blast. Secondly to carry out core surface cleaning, remove the oil, lubricant and metal Association generated organic material. Cleaning usually available cleaning solvent, trichloroethylene, etc. Hard coated with a suitable adhesive (such as NA-1,thixon422), after the adhesive coating, roller core should be dry to dry for 20 minutes in the air, and (90 ± 10) ° c under 1 hour, then the CPU operation. Two COTS before use, the most important points, so note in a later processing step, normative decisions of late effects.

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