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What are the tips for revestimento uhmw bunker liner cleaning?

The revestimento uhmw board is a type of engineering plastic sheet. Due to its unique properties, it can play an important role in the use of coal companies in major coal bunkers and power plants. Sometimes when the revestimento uhmw needs to be cleaned, what skills does it have when it is cleaned?

The analysis shows that the wear-resistant revestimento uhmw can solve the problem of the bunker warehouse, so in order to be able to better use this product, it needs to be cleaned. At the same time, the cleanup can clean the cinder hanging on the liner wall, otherwise it will cause unnecessary waste, on the other hand, it can also extend the service life of the liner. Therefore, special attention needs to be paid to cleanup work.

For information on the cleanup of the wear-resistant bunker lining,contact with us anytime!

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