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UPE ultra-high polymer wear-resistant liner products nine advantages

UPE ultra-high polymer wear-resistant liner products nine advantages:

1: Small wear.

2: Small frictional resistance.

3; self-lubricating. (without any lubricant)

4: With impact resistance.

5: UPE profiles use temperature range -200 ~ +80 °C.

6: With shock absorption.

7: It is not easy to get wet in a humid environment.

8: High chemical resistance.

9: Corrosion resistance.

Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene This excellent thermoplastic engineering plastic, in the early stages of development, is mainly used in the textile, paper, food and other industrial sectors. As technology continues to advance, UPE profiles can be manufactured in a wide variety of products using a variety of processing methods, and applications continue to expand. At present, in addition to the above-mentioned applications, the cutting-edge technology fields such as mining machinery, construction machinery, transportation machinery, material lining, and atomic energy have all gained important applications. Abroad, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has been widely used in various fields.

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