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Ultra high molecular weight plastic hopper liner

Every feeding material machine has a hopper ,the hopper is usually made by steel or stainless steel .For mining machinery ,the feeding system usually has large size ,many heavy and tough mineral mass will drop down here then fall down into the feeding hole .During this course ,the dropping of mineral mass brings a great impact force ,because the hopper is made by steel ,it’s also a hard substance ,so two hard substance will make a huge impact and brings great damage to each other .But how to avoid it ,and how to protect the hopper from the damage of such great impact by dropping ?

We’d better put a layer of hopper liner for it .Hopper liner is made by ultra high molecular weight plastic ,the molecular chain is very long .So long molecular chain gives this type of hopper liner outstanding properties ,one of its exclusive character is the very low friction .It has only the longest molecular chain ,but also has the most slippery property .No matter how rough is the surface of feeding material which contact the hopper ,the hopper liner gives it enough lubrication ,thereby ,the feeding efficiency will be improved prominently .

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